Video Ludi Florales

In ancient Roman religion, the Ludi Florales was a festival in honor of the goddess Flora, held April 27 during the Republican era.
In Latin, the festival was known as the Ludi Florales, the Games (ludi) of Flora. Under the Empire, the games lasted for six days.

Ludi Florales
Year: 2015
Format: HD
Duration: 04:57 Mins.
Concept / Direction / Stop Motion / Time Lapse / Editing: ALESSANDRO BAVARI
Soundtrack: ZU (Mimosa Hostilis - Carboniferous, 2008)
Flora Design and Set Up: JOELLE BAVARI
Flora Assistent Set up and Assistent Stop Motion: ELENA GALANTI

  • The total processing time: 18 months
  • Stop Motion: 15 days
  • Size of frames: 40 mpixel
  • Amounts of plants shooting: 60
  • Speed shooting: from 25/50 per day to 100 fps
  • Time-lapse required for each sequence: 07/15 days, 24 h. per day.
  • Lenses used: Macro 240 mm, Wide Angle 45 mm, Zoom 80-160 mm, Tele 75 mm
  • Number of shots: 12.000
  • Lights: radio-controlled Compact Flashes
  • Survival lights: 150 watt x 2, 24 h. per day
  • Insect infestation: 2 times.
  • Intoxication: 1 time, from mushrooms, with cortisone treatment.