State of the Digital Art
Computer Generated Art by some of the Top Artists in the Field
Devos Art Museum

Digital art has progressed from its infancy just forty years ago to a media where the restrictions of technology are transcended by the concepts of the artist. Digital artists develop a mastery of the technology that allows the art-making process to become as fluid as painting or sculpting clay. Indeed, since many digital arts methods are derived from other media, digital art often becomes indistinguishable from other art forms. Digital art becomes the quintessential multimedia. Photography, video, film, drawing, sculpture (both real and virtual), and printmaking are all part of the digital artist’s palette of tools. But it is never stagnant - the constant rate of technological development in the field means that artists are constantly adapting, integrating, and interfacing with the medium in new and exciting ways. State of the Digital Art represents a moment in time, a moment in history. Digital technologies rapidly advance and the art created with those technologies continues to evolve virtually on a daily basis. As a snapshot of this moment in time, the exhibited artists represent a broad spectrum of approaches to using these contemporary art-making tools.

State of the Digital Art is a group exhibition of artists who produce some of the world’s premiere artwork created with digital technologies. The exhibition presents the international work of Alessandro Bavari, Daric Christian, Tina Gonsalves, Kenneth Huff, Margot Knight, Viktor Koen, Bonny Lhotka, and Stephan Larson. The artists are diverse in concept and technique, spanning the gap between traditional printmaking processes and cutting-edge interactive media; the range is figurative to abstract; the presentations include motion and stasis. Cumulatively, the artists are representative of the state of the digital arts.

October 21st - November 23rd
Reception: Friday, Oct 21, 7pm to 9pm

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The DeVos Art Museum
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