Echo Gallery, a 2400 sq. ft. gothically inspired gallery, was built from scratch with the idea of visually affecting its visitors. Built from scratch, the interior designed by Derek and Veronica, forces a visceral feeling, and subsequently creates a mood found in some forward thinking galleries in Europe. The daring artistic creation has been heralded by the art, design, and collegian community here in Chicago.


Exhibition runs from January 12th through February 18th, 2002
Hours: Saturday, January 12th, 8 pm to midnight
Artist Cocktail Reception Also open Sunday, January 13th, 5pm to 8 pm or by appointment only.
Echo Gallery Ltd.
1529 west Chicago avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 - Tel. 312-666-0858

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  • 08/1996: (Pittura) Palazzo della Cultura, Museo d'Arte Moderna, Latina

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