Photography Cure Of Enchantment On Minor Key

Cure Of Enchantment On Minor Key is a triptych created for the collection of the Municipal Institute of Artes Escénicas Grand Theatre of Cordoba, for the 26th Guitar Festival of Cordoba.
The artists invited to exhibit at "Una Aproximaciòn Visual a la Guitarra" were Carlos Pérez Siquier, Jorge Rueda, Lola Araque and Alessandro Bavari.

When I was nine my father gave me a guitar, a small child-size guitar, not a toy instrument but a real one on a smaller scale. I was naturally inclined to be seduced by this instrument straight away. For the next five years my love of the guitar led me to study classical music, which I continue to play even now for personal pleasure.

When Mr Galvez, the founder of the I+Gen agency, proposed a work created around this instrument, I grasped the opportunity without hesitating, as the guitar is so close to my heart.

Cure Of Enchantment On Minor Key is a work in three parts. Its metaphor expresses the value of music as a generative act, as an instrument for the sharing of a common feeling. Its spell can drive weak and hostile minds to abandon and reconciliation.
So, this is music as a universal value, whose instrument, in this case the guitar, becomes an extension of the mind and body: its virtue, translated in vibrations and tunes, can elicit emotion and lead to indulgence.

Here, aligned with the fundamental elements of nature, the musician becomes the demiurge, with thaumaturgical powers. The pathos that is inspired in those who listen is not only sweet and melancholic but also an expression of force, overwhelming energies and profound agitation.

Alessandro Bavari, 2006