LUMO 2001
International Photography Triennial Sep 08 - Dec 02 2001
at the Jyvaskyla Art Museum (Suoja), Gallery Harmonia and the Museum of Central Finland.

The international photography triennial LUMO was first arranged in 1989.
The emphasis of the triennial is strongly on artistic photography and the event has thus managed to create its own character and place in the field of Finnish photography exhibitions. The theme of LUMO 2001 is passion.
The artists invited to the exhibition are Australian Tracey Moffatt, an explorer of the territory between dream and reality, Lithuanian Antanas Sutkus, a searcher for the depth of everydayness, Norwegian Marit Folstad, Australian aboriginal artist Christian Bumbarra Thompson, Lithuanian Romualdas Pozerskis, young Lithuanian Edita Voveryte, and Italian Alessandro Bavari, an illustrator of myths.
In conjunction with the exhibition, there is a seminar arranged by the Centre for Creative Photography, Jyvaskyla University, and the Jyvaskyla Art Museum, in which the topics of the event are discussed.
The artists taking part in the exhibition will talk about their work in the seminar, as well as lead workshops.

Bavari creates pictures based on photographs and paintings.
With the help of a computer he changes and forms dreamlike and sometimes even nightmarish pictures, often as far from reality as one can go.

Jyvaskyla Art Museum (Suoja), Gallery Harmonia and the Museum of Central Finland.
Jyvaskylan Taidemudeo Art Museum
Kilpisenkatu 8
PL 165 P.O. Box 165
tel. +358(0)14626855

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