Italian artist, Alessandro Bavari was this year's Digital Hall of Fame Award Winner.
He came all the way from a small coastal town not far from Rome, just to meet up with us at the festival.
Alessandro, has all his life been studying art at school and in college, and he studied history of art and scenography, painting and photography at the Fine Art School of Roma. He had the look to spend plenty of time to develop all these skills and produce a great amount of personal work.
Alessandro is also an Art Director at is Italian company called Direct2Brain.

I was born at the right moment I suppose, and I always wanted to be able to use photograghy, painting, and digital art at the same time. With the help of a computer, I am now able to do so. What a great answer to my search! The image I presented at the festival, "Three Peepers", is part of a series of images belonging to a virtual, imaginary report on Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you know about Italian author Italo Calvino? He wrote a book called Invisible Cities. He travels from one city to another, through the help of his mind. I have the same kind of approach. I have read everything about these cities, in the bible, on archeological research, and finally I realised we don't know much. I therefore decided to imagine a never ending story through a series of portraits of still shots, just like a photo reporter. An imaginary trip, mingled with real photos creating unreal and timeless situations. This piece of work evolves just like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it grows with time, throughout the centuries. This is what I like about this concept, I grow with it, and it grows through the years, timelessly... Maybe one day, when I will have produced more than a hundred pieces of work, I suppose I'll find a gallery that will agree to exhibit my work and make me decide to 'close' the story at last...
When I work, I never knew what will come out, I am somebow guided by my work. It is art that guides me, and not the opposite."

December 2000
review from: EFX Art & Design, n.30 - SWEDEN

Alice Schwab

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